Triamec Bremswiderstände TR

高惯量快速制动时,需要使用外部制动电阻。TP 系列电源TSP 系列的伺服驱动器都可链接外部制动电阻。

制动电阻有一个在 160°C 时打开的热敏开关。

  • 技术参数

    Voltage max. 800V
    Continuous Power
    Peak Power
    16kW / 4s (180s break)  
    Resistance 33Ω ±5%  
    Isolation 3500Vrms (1min @ 50Hz)
    >1GΩ @ 1000V
    Protection thermal switch, opening at 160°C
    Mounting vertical, i.e. the long side is vertically aligned  
    Cooling recommended  
    Environment 0 to 45°C, not condensing

    Subject to technical changes.

  • Dimensions

    TR1kW Rev.0

    Triamec Bremswiderstand TR1kW Dimensionen
  • CAD

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