Tria-Link 适配器,实现与主机 PC 连接

Tria-Link PCI适配器 TL

Tria-Link adapter with front plate for half-height PCI Express slots
Tria-Link adapter with front plate for half-height PCI Express slots

Tria-Link PCI Express® 适配器 TL在 Triamec 驱动器和 PC 之间建立Tria-Link连接。

在主机 PC 端,适配器使用Windows 或Beckhoff TwinCAT下的TAM API进行编程。

此卡需要一个PCI-e插槽,根据 PCIe-2.1 标准,数据宽度为 x1。所有常见的 PC 都满足此要求。

TL 有 8 个实时表,共有 524'000 个条目,可用来实现多种功能。例如,实现存储并执行预先计算的多轴路径。另一个特点是可以不断地重新加载路径目标数据。这些表被设计为 FIFO,路径可以是任意长度。

配备Tria-Link Observer,可通过 USB 访问。笔记本电脑可以通过 USB 端口连接用于诊断目的,例如调试、参数调整和过程数据记录。PC 上的应用程序(例如 TwinCAT)不会受到干扰。


DMA DMA support greatly minimizes CPU load on the PC containing the card, e.g. when logging or scoping over the Tria-Link. When using Beckhoff TwinCAT, TL can communicate the actual position to the CNC at 1-2 kHz in real-time.
PC Interface PCI Express® v2.1, Lane Width 1x with 2.5Gb/s according to PCIe-1.0 standard.
Tria-Link, Fieldbus, based on a double 100Mbps Ethernet link.
Multi-Master feature allows for direct drive to drive communcation.
USB Interface / Observer USB 2.0 High-Speed Device Interface with 480Mb/s. The Observer Interface allows the non-invasive connection of a Windows-Notebook with TAM-Explorer to the Tria-Link Network. The operator can do all tasks of commissiong, axes tuning and full speed, real time data logging (100kHz).
Power Delivered through the PC Interface, 2.5W max.
Software Triamec TAM API for Microsoft® .NET Framework; Beckhoff TwinCAT mit CNC
Memory 32MBytes for data buffering (Direct Feed feature and data logging).
Direct Feed 8 hard real-time tables/buffers with up to 524,000 Tria-Link packets, fully programmable number of packets to send to the connected servo-drives on the Tria-Link and programmable time step per sending. (I.e. send every 100μs two packets of data to servo-drive no. X, 1 to servo-drive no. Y)
外形尺寸 wxhxd 22x80x113 mm

手册,CAD图纸以及 Firmware